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Cover and first Layer

The GILS-model: the first layer

The GILS-model contains a series of layers representing the decisions a leader has to make when engaging in influencing behavior in practice. The first layer is dedicated to the first decision a manager has to make when engaging in influencing behavior.

The scheme contains four elements:

  1. Negotiating
  2. Collegial Generating
  3. Commanding
  4. Action Generator

The first decision a Leader has to take in a managementreality that asks for influencing is wether he or she engages in:

  1. Negotiating, or
  2. Collegial Generating, or
  3. Commanding

Looking at the model with some imagination one is able to see two "human figures" merged: the figure on the left (blue) represents the Leader-manager, the one on the right (orange) symbolises the Co-Worker. They meet and interact in each of the above indicated 3 main domains of interaction. And each domain will demand from them a specific attitude and specific behavior. >>>