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Generative and Interactive Styles

Generative Interactive Leadership Styles

The Leadership Styles are factually clusters of measurable influencing behavior, denominated as leadershipstyles. The styles are oriŽnted towards Interactivity and Generativity.

Interactive Leadership Styles
Contrary to (most) prior models who see a leader as a unilateral influencer-boss towards persons in a surrounding environment, in The GILS-model he or she is responsible for a taskfield that is formulated in broad-band terms. This managementresponsability demands effective and efficient influencing of others like own (co-)workers, collegues, bosses, ceo's, cfo's, parties outside the organisation in the internal and external networks relevant to the taskfield. Therefore, when in the following texts we speak of leader-worker interaction, we in fact mean the interaction of leader with all others in the network around his or hers taskfield.

The GILS-model departs from principles as:

  • leadership effectiveness is realised through interactivity between boss and worker, dependant upon the professional knowledge each of them brings in
  • organisational effectiveness is maximised as both leader and others interact according to their real knowledge and experience in the taskfields at stake
  • influencing in organisations must be primarily unilateral when one of them has more knowledge and experience to realise common ground
  • this knowledge and experience have to be brought in using a behavioral style contingent with the relative bases of knowledge-experience of both actors
  • the quality and efficiency of the unilateral influencing can be enhanced when the other helps using a complementary behavioral style
  • when mutual unilateral influencing adds no new information relevant for arriving at required levbels of bussiness solutions leader and worker must engage in multilateral influencing and research

Generative Leadership Styles
As many of the existing leadershipmodels focus on workers fullfilling (repetitive) tasks and a leader/manager/coach who is himself the most competent person in  taskfullfillment, the GILS-Model focusses on Generativity.  
Generativity stands for the generation of added value by leaders and their followers responsable for all (new) tasks and problems that are presented to them. The GILS-Model is therefore also very well suited for those leading and working in the fields of policymaking, projectrealisation, programming. >>>>