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Keyfeatures and general working of the GILS-model

In the following pages we introduce the keyfeatures and general working of The GILS-model. This is done in a very introductory way by sketching the main body of the conceptual model. The sketch should however be sufficient to give interested scholars a first impression about the central ideas and principles. To really understand the model and its workings one has to study our writings that will be published in the coming months and/or subscribe to an interactive introductory course for trainers in managementbehavior. We will announce publications on the Homepage of this website. Please email us if you want to be informed of publications and products.

A model for all kinds of organisations, not for all cultures
The leadershipstyles of the GILS-model are developed for all kinds of organisations: they are useable in organisations with primary processes in production, (public) administration, medical and social care, commerce, either small or big. In many organisations we see management developing from being traditionally "downward"-oriŽnted (focus on the boss-worker hiŽrarchy) towards being more networkoriented (focus on boss-others, including workers). Furthermore: organisational efficiency asks for maximum worker autonomy with their managers often having a large span of coordination and control.

There are clear values behind the type of managementdecisions and behavior proposed by The GILS-model. Organisations and individuals that can subscribe them will vastly benefit by implementing them with the GILS-model in their respective practices. >>>