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Certified trainers, Licensing, Open Source

We value the importance for managementtrainees to be educated by accomplished and experienced managementtrainers who know their trade from inside out. Too often in daily practice we see consultants/trainers educating others in theories and concepts they do not master. One must have understood the origins and the core of the GILS-model, have thoroughly worked with the model and have reflected about its workings to become a master in (using) the model oneself. And having masterd the model in general there is a need to regularly give it attention, to refresh insights, implement it in own practice, etcetera.

We feel the best way to ensure trainees professional education in the GILS-model is by offering certification of managementtrainers in the model. Certification can be obtained in the following way:

1. several years of experience as a trainer in (management-)behavior
2. participate succesfully in our Training for GILS-Trainer course 
3. master the GILS-model in depth
4. implement the GILS-model in a training
5. make use of our coaching/advises
6. report us your action-and-reflection after your first trainingcourses

Certified trainers will be listed in our website. They have - only as an individual - full and free acces to:
- standard presentations on elements and styles
- our tips and tricks per behavioral style
- part of the questionnaires
- more-dimensional cases and their learning keys
- and other materials

Certified trainers will be officially authorised by us to use this material.

Certification is valid for a period of two years, and to continue certification one must take part in a workshop to refresh knowledge, for instructions on new questionaires, educational material, cases and their learningkeys, for discussing  new techniques of training and reflection, and for intercollegial consulting.

We will in principle not license the use of the GILS-Model nor most of its educational material. Professionals have developed their own effective professional ways of training. The power of a good managementtraining depends upon:

1. the professionalism and personality of the trainer, and
2. the quality of a managementconcept for daily managementpractice and training

Professionals certified in the GILS-model are stimulated to develop their own applications to our educational materials and share them with their internationally certified collegues. But as the model is internationally registered ® they are not free to change its main body or hard core.

We foresee that the experiences with the model in time will lead to reflection and some accomodation of the model in time by us. As we do live in a dynamic world the model should be able to grow with new developments and insights.